Green Tea Or Green Tea Pills?

Green tea has been a popular drink in many parts of the world, and as we’re learning more about the benefits of this popular beverage it has become even more popular. It has been used medicinally for hundreds of years in areas like China and India. Studies have even shown that in parts of the world where people regularly drink a lot of green tea they have a lower level of heart disease and certain forms of cancer.

This created a compelling reason to extract the beneficial components of green tea and turn them into an easy to take supplement. Now you can find various forms of green tea supplements, like mega green tea, green tea pills and liquid green tea extract.

These green tea supplements contain high doses of green tea extract — the equivalent of 2 to 10 cups of green tea, depending on which one you’re taking.

Can Green Tea Pills Be Dangerous?

This has caused a little concern that an extremely high dose of green tea may not be so healthy. These supplements aren’t toxic in large doses, but they may not be particularly healthy if taken in large doses either. There hasn’t been enough research yet to understand the effects of taking the equivalent of say 50 cups of green tea a day. But it’s good to note that by taking a recommended dose you shouldn’t be getting this much.

Anything in too high of a dose can be of concern. When taking green tea pills, or any other supplement, it’s good to follow the package directions and talk to your doctor about any questions or concerns you may have.

A Matter Of Preference

Another way to get the benefits of green tea is to add a couple of cups a day to your regular routine. This tasty beverage can be a healthy replacement for sodas or other sugary drinks. To get the greatest health benefit from drinking green tea try not to sweeten it too much, or use a healthy low-calorie sweetener like stevia. Replacing high calorie drinks with green tea can help you avoid looking for green tea belly fat pills later, as these high calorie drinks can add to belly fat problems.

If you like you tea sweet try slowly cutting down on the sweetener to see if you can adapt your tastes. In time you may find you enjoy the flavor of the tea itself, without so much sweetener.

Some people have a difficult time drinking enough green tea to get the benefits from it, so they turn to green tea supplements. Many studies say you need to drink at least 3 cups of green tea a day to get the benefits from it. Whether you drink a full 3 cups a day or not, adding green tea to your daily routine can be healthy. If you want more of the benefits consider taking a green tea pill too.

There has definitely been enough research to prove that green tea has important health benefits and taking a supplement may be a good way to take advantage of these benefits if you don’t drink green tea regularly. The key is just to be sensible about the dosage.