Green Tea Gum

The health benefits of green tea aren’t limited to those who drink tea anymore. These benefits are finding their way into all sorts of green tea products like green tea gum, green tea mints, green tea powders, green tea skin care and of course mega green tea pills.

Benefits Of Green Tea

We can thank Dr Stephen Hsu, a researcher at the Medical College of Georgia, for some of these green tea products, like green tea gum. His work has helped give us a better understanding of the healing and preventative properties of green tea. This has lead him to an arrangement that allows him to make those beneficial properties available in everyday products.

Like other researchers, his interest in the health benefits of green tea increased when he learned that populations known to drink green tea regularly have significantly lower rates of cancer than populations that don’t drink green tea regularly. Research has helped establish that the prevalent polyphenols in green tea help eliminate free radicals that can cause damage to DNA and lead to cancer.

In general green tea seems to slow down the aging process. Who wouldn’t be interested in a benefit like that?

The main polyphenol that is typically mentioned in relation to the health benefits of green tea is EGCG (short for epigallocatechin gallate). When you look at green tea products, like green tea gum and especially green tea pills, you’ll likely notice the label will state how much EGCG the product contains.

Green Tea Gum & Green Tea Mints

Mega T Green Tea Gum, for example, contains EGCG with each piece of green tea gum made to provide the health benefits of one cup of green tea. Each Mega T Green Tea Mints contain the same level of EGCG of two cups of green tea. Both the green tea mints and green tea gum are sugar free with a mint flavor.

Healthy people can chew this gum for preventative care, or just to enjoy a minty gum with more benefits than its flavor. But this green tea gum may be particularly helpful to people with dry mouth or people who have been receiving treatment for oral cancer.

Treatments for oral cancer can damage the salivary glands sometimes causing the patient to loose the ability to effectively secrete saliva and result in chronic dry mouth. Green tea gum can help protect the tissues in the mouth and help stimulate the salivary glands so they produce more moisture.

Green tea gum and green tea mints are formulated in a way that preserves the benefits of green tea in a dry environment. They can provide a healthy dose of green tea antioxidants in a fun way that’s a little more similar to drinking tea than taking green tea pills.

It’s easy to add the benefits of green tea to your daily routine by using some of the readily available products. Fresh-brewed green tea or green tea supplements are probably the best because they contain the most active potency of green tea, but green tea gum and mints are an additional fun way to get a little more green tea into your diet.